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Enrichment Pillars

For nearly 120 years, University Club members have served as the architects of Milwaukee's business, political, cultural and educational communities.

Guided by our seven pillars – Arts and Culture, Sports, Business and Economics, Food and Wine, Education, Issues of the Day, and Science/Medicine/Health – University Club members are actively engaged in thoughtful conversations that impact our region and drive personal growth and development.

Celebrates and explores the vibrant landscape of visual and performance art in Milwaukee. Members of the Milwaukee art community and the City's most creative minds explain the artistic approaches and methods they use while performing their crafts.

Offers Club members access to industry experts' perspectives on market trends, consumer preferences, how world news and events impact local markets, and government regulation and its effect on businesses and the economy.

Focuses on the important issues facing the state of education in Wisconsin. The Club brings together educational leaders to discuss the importance of academic standards, workforce training, and providing our children with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the workforce of the future.

Addresses key topics across all sectors of the health care industry, from life sciences and medical devices to research and public health policy. Industry experts provide comprehensive looks into health care in the 21st century.

Offers members in-depth looks into the business management side of professional sports in Wisconsin. Key executives provide insight on how sports organizations and professionals operate on the field/court and in the front office. This pillar also spotlights sports that are not as familiar to every day sports enthusiasts and provides in depth "insider" knowledge on more mainstream sports.

Food & WineFood & Wine:
Creates culinary learning experiences that aim to stimulate the senses.

Issues of the DayIssues of the Day:
Aims to spark healthy conversation and dialog regarding current issues in Milwaukee and throughout the country.