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Clubs within the Club

Golf Society

Golf members have the opportunity to join the Golf Society at The City Club. Golf Society members have access to our golf simulator and are able to enjoy an on-demand, visually spectacular golf experience, year-round, with friends and family – regardless of the weather! Golf guest fees are at a rate of $10 per hour per guest. Membership to the Golf Society is $200 annually, March 1 - February 28, for unlimited play. Reservations may be made up to one week in advance of the desired date and time. For those interested in membership, please contact Carl Granberg at or (414) 410-5710. You can be up and running, using the golf simulator within 24 hours!


Wine Society

Members have the opportunity to join the Wine Society. Both Club campuses have exceptional wine lists with an excess of 350 varietals. There is a $150 annual fee to become a Wine Society member. As a member, you will receive 25% off each bottle from our cellar collection, as well as preferred invitations to wine events.