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Core Values

Mission Statement

The University Club of Milwaukee is a private club with a full continuum of offerings for every member of the family. With golf, tennis, swimming, dining, and family recreation, The Club is committed to maintaining a high standard of quality in its services and experiences for all Members and their guests. Our treasured surroundings provide the backdrop for a welcoming environment where camaraderie, friendship, and the sharing of interesting and innovative ideas thrive.

Core Values

At The University Club, our idea of excellence is creating an extraordinary member experience in every interaction. With dining, golf, and family recreation activities, our Club is the region's premier destination for personal and professional enrichment. To ensure a consistently exceptional Member experience, The University Club's Board drafted and unanimously approved the following set of core values. These values frame and define what we want to be known for:

Passion for Excellence

Striving to provide an exceptional member experience

Impeccable quality and excellent service in all aspects of club life

High quality lessons and skill development in athletic activities

Informative programming that enlightens, entertains, and ignites positive dialogue

Commitment to our community and support of the arts

Maintenance and care of facilities, golf course, and grounds

Integrity and Respect

Fostering an environment that is respectful and trustworthy and in which all constituents take pride and responsibility for maintaining a professional, yet welcoming atmosphere

Personal behaviors and comportment

Interactions with fellow Members, staff, and guests

For our historic structures, their treasures, and surroundings

Preserving a beautiful and highly regarded golf course

Consistent and transparent communication that builds trust and member engagement

A culture that supports and fosters open and collaborative communication between all constituents and is focused on information sharing, positive solutions, and continuous improvement

Timely delivery of clearly written information pertinent to Club operations, functions, and administration

Open, transparent, and consistent communications from the Board and management

Welcomed Member involvement in sharing ideas and issues with the Board and management

A collaborative, team oriented management style that provides ongoing feedback for continuous improvement

Sound governance and sacred stewardship of all Club assets

Strong strategic direction and policy setting with responsible oversight and management of the Club's capital and human investments



Facilities and Grounds


Vibrant spirit of camaraderie and friendship

Fostering multi-generational interactions, relationships, and fun

Social events and gatherings

Education and programming

Athletic and recreational opportunities

Family focused activities

These core values have and will continue to inform all policies around comportment, dress codes, phone policies, and more at The Club, and will provide staff and Members the basis for holding ourselves accountable to these expectations.